Our Services

We offer a broad range of services – both traditional accountancy services and more innovative business advisory and development services.

At Ethos Accountancy even our most basic services such as bookkeeping, preparing annual accounts and completing tax returns are designed to add significant value to your business and personal wealth.

Annual Accounts & Tax Return

  • Prepare accounts for completion of self-assessment
  • Prepare statutory accounts for submission to the registrar of companies and for completion of corporation tax returns
  • Prepare accounts for completion of LLP’s tax returns and partnership tax returns.

Bookkeeping & VAT Return Preparation

  • We assist in completing all bookkeeping work including reconciliations from invoices, bank statements, petty cash book and incomplete records
  • This is normally for the purposes of management and estimation of tax liabilities
  • We are experienced in the use of online software
  • We will complete and submit the VAT Returns (monthly, quarterly or yearly)
  • We will advise on the VAT liabilities and due dates

Management Accounts

  • Preparing management accounts for the purposes to make the right decisions
  • These can be completed in a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis
  • Comparison between budget and actual performances
  • To implement proper management systems such as debtors’ control, cashflow control and budgeting for dividends and taxes

Taxation Planning Advise & Services

  • Personal Tax planning
  • Corporation tax panning
  • VAT planning
  • Capital Gains Tax planning
  • Making legitimate use of the tax legislation and Case Law and minimising risks.
  • Benefit in Kind planning (company car benefit and any other benefits)

Self-assessment Tax Returns

  • Completion and submission of personal tax returns, partnership tax returns and companies corporation tax returns
  • We advise on the respective tax liabilities and their due dates
  • All returns are submitted electronically as per HMRC’s guidelines
  • Working towards making tax digital
  • We are very proactive in this area as there are huge penalties involved for any late filing.

Full Payroll Preparation & Pensions

  • We assist by running the payroll on a weekly, four weekly and monthly basis
  • We will provide the summaries, payslips and advise on the PAYE liabilities.
  • We will also be able to advise on any changes of PAYE codes
  • We will deal will leavers and starters and issue the necessary forms.
  • We will complete CIS returns and file them electronically
  • Deal with statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay
  • We will provide all P32’s, P60’s and P45’s
  • We can set up a pension plan with a pension provider of your choice
  • Provide you with the log on details so you can access the providers portal online.
  • We can run the pensions according to the Pensions Regulator’s guidelines
  • Upload any details to the pension providers portal
  • Advise on the payments due dates and amounts

Dividends & Expenses Advice

  • We provide advice on the new legislation of taxed dividends
  • Advice on how much dividends can be extracted on a monthly or yearly basis
  • We can advice of how to minimize any overdrawn director’s loan account
  • Advice on any corporation tax issues resulting from a payment of dividends and overdrawn director’s loan account.
  • Guide through any expenses that can be claimed for tax purposes
  • We provide advice on the benchmark set by HMRC for different expenses

Annual Company P11D Preparation & Filing

  • We advise on expenses that give rise to a benefit in kind
  • We will also be able to compute the Benefit in Kind (company car benefits and any other benefits), and complete P11d’s and P9d’s. File them electronically to HMRC and advise on the NIC liabilities.
  • We advise on NIC liabilities resulting from the benefit in kind
  • We advise on personal taxes due as result of the benefit in kind

Mortgage & Income Reference

  • We can provide an accountant’s reference for mortgage or rental requirements

Prepare a business plan

  • We prepare business plans to support any applications for raising finance with banks
  • We can assist in preparing cashflow forecasts and profit forecasts
  • We will provide business support to business owners implementing a robust business strategy

Assess finance requirements

  • We assist in planning any business growth and setting goals.
  • Assist in getting the systems in place to allow growth
  • Assist in improving the potential of team members
  • Hence, assess any finance requirements to allow the growth to crystallise

Complete all registration procedures

  • We make sure that all registrations, i.e. VAT, CT, Income tax et cetera are complete and both the business and the owners are fully compliant with the authorities in order to avoid any fines.
  • We assist in completing those registrations that we believe would be necessary depending on the businesses.

Deal with secretarial requirements

  • Maintenance of the statutory register with the registrar of companies
  • Preparing minutes of meetings
  • Preparing share certificates
  • Amend any directorships or secretaries of the company
  • Completion and submission of the confirmation statement
  • Deal with any changes of company’s addresses and provide registered office facilities
  • We can deal with any allotments of shares and issue dividend vouchers
  • Deal with the appointment and resignation of a PSC
  • Apply for the company to be struck off or reinstated if required.

Choose accountancy software

  • We can advise on the best online accountancy software

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